Friday, 23 October 2009

Hitler disrupts Question Time

BNP chairman Nick Griffin's controversial appearance on BBC's Question Time took an unexpected turn last night, when notorious German dictator Adolf Hitler stood up from his seat in the audience and began haranguing the right-wing MP.

Host David Dimbleby appeared shocked when Hitler, who had not been billed as a guest on the discussion panel, and who was widely believed to have died in Berlin in 1945, interrupted an answer that Griffin was giving to a question about immigration.

"What kind of self-respecting xenophobe comes on a TV chat show and doesn't have the balls to vociferously denounce a single inferior ethnic group?" Hitler demanded. "If you're going to get yourself a reputation such that people keep comparing you to me, you should show some goddamn backbone! You're such a pansy, it's actually bringing my name into disrepute!"

"And I'm Hitler!" he added.

Griffin did not reply at the time, and the irate fascist was escorted from the building by security personnel moments later, still yelling about "that feeble excuse for an ideologue". The discussion adjourned for approximately twenty minutes, before resuming as before.

The programme was otherwise uneventful, except for sporadic fits of giggling from Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Jack Straw, who was also on the panel. When questioned about this, he explained that he was amused by the irony of someone with Adolf Hitler's famous deficiency calling somebody else's balls into question.

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