Wednesday, 26 May 2010

GMC struck off register by Mr Andrew Wakefield

The UK's General Medical Council has been removed from a list of "respectable organisations" recognised by Mr Andrew Wakefield, a press release announced today.

Mr Wakefield, a British man who was once employed as a doctor, came to this decision as the result of a formal hearing which took place this afternoon. The hearing was attended by Mr Wakefield, Mr Wakefield's ego, and a large volume of bitterness and entitlement.

In the release, Mr Wakefield describes his dismay at the "unacceptable nature of the GMC's recent behaviour and practices", which have led him to regard the regulatory body as "unprofessional, irresponsible, and really really mean".

It is speculated that the "behaviours and practices" to which Mr Wakefield refers may include the GMC's recent decision to strike him off the medical register due to serious professional misconduct.

Mr Wakefield also states he has placed the GMC on a watchlist of what he considers to be dangerous organisations "whose oppressive attempts to rein in free enquiry and expression must be stopped". In addition, they are all accused of being "really horrid and not letting me do medicine like I want to and it's not fair."

Among those previously placed on this list are The Sunday Times newspaper, BBC documentary series Horizon, and Mrs Petunia Funt, a retired primary school teacher from Somerset who refused to allow Mr Wakefield (a former student) to purchase blood samples from his classmates in 1963.

The Daily Half-Truth approach the General Medical Council for a statement earlier today, and were told the following:

The General Medical Council are soooo heartbroken and upset that we've been "struck off" by a disreputable, discredited fraud, who persists in harmfully pushing a link between vaccines and autism despite vast methodological holes in his original research and a complete lack of replication of his results. How will we ever cope, knowing that Andrew Wakefield is out there saying horrible things about us? Waaaaaahh!

[all emphasis in original]

Certain commentators are speculating that their response may contain elements of sarcasm.

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