Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cameron Diaz finally gets hair gel joke

Actress Cameron Diaz, star of the Charlie's Angels film franchise among many other major Hollywood successes, has revealed in an exclusive interview with The Daily Half-Truth that she "just got" the joke from an iconic moment in modern cinema - the famous "hair gel" scene in 1998 film There's Something About Mary.

In the memorable scene, protagonist character Ted (played by Ben Stiller) is masturbating at his home prior to a date with the titular Mary (Diaz). After successfully reaching orgasm, he is perplexed to realise that he cannot determine where the ejaculate landed. Almost immediately, the doorbell rings, and he goes to answer it. Mary is there for their date, but notices Ted's semen adhering to his ear. She enquires whether it is hair gel, and Ted - realising the embarrassing truth of the situation - pretends that it is. She proceeds to scoop it up in her fingers and run it through her hair, explaining that she "just ran out" of hair gel herself, to Ted's mortification and the amusement of the audience.

The humour is evident to anyone watching the film, but Diaz confessed to being unaware of the exact nature of her role at the time, and claimed to be "appalled and disgusted" to realise what was in fact taking place.

"My scene at his front door was shot on, like, a totally different set to where he'd... been doing that," she told us today. "I had no idea what was going on in the previous shot. I just thought it was some gag about, like, him being incompetent at putting on hair gel, or something. God, I can't believe what they had me do."

"That stuff better have been some kind of prop," she added. "There's no way they'd let him... actually do that, right? In my hair?"

Diaz also expressed concern at the possibility of there being other obscene or prurient jokes in her movies, of which she might also have been the inadvertent butt.

"Did Jude Law keep making sex faces behind me throughout The Holiday?" she asked. "That would explain a few things."

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