Thursday, 3 June 2010

Gaza flotilla raid stirs international controversy

The government of Israel have responded to the seizure of an aid convoy by the Israeli navy on Monday. The convoy was carrying much-needed supplies to Gaza, and the raid resulted in the deaths of nine people aboard.

The actions of Israeli forces have caused great controversy and global discussion. But a statement made by the Israeli government earlier today has, much to everyone's surprise, acknowledged at least partial culpability, and admitted responsibility for grievous errors on behalf of the government of Israel.

Government spokesmen stressed the need for a thorough and impartial investigation into the incident, and acknowledged the very real possibility that their own country was at fault.

Officials from other governments, as well as news reporters and journalists, are still unsure of how to respond to this development, and the press room in which it was announced was filled with many uncertain exchanged glances. But a growing consensus is forming that, contrary to the commonly socially acceptable notion, it may be okay to criticise Israel this time.

This shift in tensions has been welcomed by those working toward achieving a Middle Eastern peace accord.

"This is an important landmark we've reached today," said Iris Kobblepop, Professor of Foreign Politics at the University of Liff. "Israel have acknowledged that they are not always totally above blame, and perhaps this will make it easier for others to objectively assess Israeli politics and make legitimate and rational criticisms in future, without automatically being branded as anti-Semitic."

"However much you support their right to exist, nobody should be above reproach if they act like dicks," she summarised.

Actor Lem Bigson's response was of a somewhat different tone.

"It's gratifying to see the importance of this event being recognised worldwide, and it's about time everyone started to acknowledge the role of the Jews in the conspiracy of global oppression," he said, but he was quickly shushed by several of his colleagues, and his comments were described by onlookers as "really not helping, dude".

(inspired by this - and honestly, I'm aware of how out of my depth I am and have no idea what I'm satirising or whether I'm trying to make some sort of point, so don't worry about it too much)

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